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Based out of the Black Rabbit, Greenpoint's best and most dimly lit bar, the Black Rabbit Review publishes the most compelling fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and ephemera it can find.

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Send us your:

  • Protest signs and slogans

  • Graphs and Venn Diagrams

  • Photo essays

  • Poetry comics

  • Regular comics

  • Love letters, personal notes, personal secrets

  • Equations, but, you know, arty ones

  • Visuals that show how you organize the world or its destruction

  • Hybrid experiments

  • Mistakes

  • Classifieds

  • As well as traditional poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography and visual art

Surprise, offend, entertain; help us see the world through your eyes or characters. Dissent, assent, opinions, art, experiments, booze, place-based pieces, punk, disco, and pre-post-anti-pro-whatever: we want you to give it all to us. We're interested in the margins of your page, your anger, your fear, your community—a million kinds of strangeness, sadness, and sharp corners.


  • Poetry: please send no more than five(ish) poems.

  • Prose: the word limit is 4,000 words, but we prefer shorter.

  • Everything else: keep in mind that we are an army of five and our mag runs between 50 and 90 pages, so please don't go too crazy with length.

Send submissions to:

  • Email: info@blackrabbitreview.org. Be sure to include the word submission and your genre in the subject line—for example: Submission - Poetry or Submission - Hybrid.

  • If you're local: feel free to drop your work directly to the Black Rabbit Bar at 91 Greenpoint Avenue, have a beer or gingerback, and say hello to Kent, Dennis, and the rest of the lovely people there.

We look forward to reading and seeing everyone soon. Stay strong, Take care of yourselves. Resist, consume lots of zinc, nap frequently, and know thyself (in the biblical sense).

About Us

The Black Rabbit Review was founded in Brooklyn, New York, by five friends who frequent the Black Rabbit bar and believe in the ability of art to agitate and empower. BRR is edited by Jessica Ankeny, Sean Campbell, Melissa Faliveno, Davi Marra, and Jonathan Walsh, and is proofread by Briana Parker.

About the Bar

The Black Rabbit has been a home for Greenpoint’s wayward, awkward, and best-looking hopeful cynics and jaded dreamers since it opened its doors in 2007. More than a place for drinks and hijinks, the Black Rabbit is a home away from home for locals and wanderers, and many a dedicated regular has spent their glory days, and their darkest days, at its bar. Like life, it’s a place both serious and deadly absurd: for pub talk and rants, diatribes and monologues, for tears both joyful and sad. It’s a safe place for drinkers and reformed drinkers alike, where the wit is dry, the drinks are wet, the fire is warm, and the only thing unwelcome is the unwelcoming cold.